Charleston, SC Chapter

Founded in 2020, Our Charleston SC Chapter was the result of many long and fruitful discussions between our Charleston Chapter Director Calli Bieler & Our Founders Princess Mocha and Kim WIlliams.
Little did we know when these discussions began that the world would soon be gripped by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This in a way reinforced our decision to launch this chapter as we realized that now more than ever our community needs as much support as possible.
Rainbow Support Group SC Charleston Chapter is proud to serve as the low country's first and currently only all-encompassing LGBTQ+ support group.

Meet Our Team

Calli Bieler

Charleston Chapter Director

Calli Bieler was born in a small town in Kansas, who later became a resident of the upstate and currently resides in Charleston SC. From a background in the arts to a career in corporate administration she brings both creativity and organization to anything she puts her hands on. Taking on roles in various community organizations and events has become a passionate calling. Not only taking part in actavism, Calli plays a part in education and resource management for those needing it most. As mother of two children she stays active in the schools and helps educators navigate through issues involving our youth. Calli has long been involved with note worthy organizations fighting for the rights and care of those who have been victims of sexual assault or other types of domestic violence. Giving loud voice in our community to those who have been silenced by the inability to be recognized. Calli is excited to continue to give back more to the LGBTQ community that she has been a proud member of as well as help bridge the gap for accessible resources from city to city within our State.

Here at Rainbow Support Group SC we fully understand that racism not only affects but completely undermines the mental health and well-being of not only individuals, but also that of entire communities and societies.  We are fully committed to anti-racism in everything that we do.  This means that we vow to fight against racism in all its many forms, including, individual, interpersonal, and institutionalized racism. We will never give up the fight for equal rights and we will never abandon members of our community by virtue of their race, creed, religion, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by law.
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