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What We Do

Helping Our Local Community

 For these operations, we accept donations of physical items as well as funds to ensure that all of the necessities are provided.

This is where you come in- with your assistance, we can make this season’s operations the most successful and most impactful on our Upstate community.


Our homeless outreach program is comprised of our members donning backpacks filled with hygiene kits, daily necessities, food, and small comfort items, and walking through town to serve the local homeless population.


Because many LGBTQ+ individuals can't share the holidays with their families, we host a dinner with all the fixings where all are welcome in OUR family.


Each year we "adopt" an underprivileged family and provide gifts for the children- because children should never have to go without holiday joy.


Because no child should ever have to go without holiday joy, we provide Christmas presents to the children of economically disadvantaged families who may not be able to ensure there are gifts under the tree.